Kevin Durant Hates All 15 Of These “You The Real MVP” Memes [PHOTOS]


When OKC Thunder star Kevin Durant won the 2013-14 MVP Award, he never thought the Internet would manifest his words into a on-going joke that will probably follow him for the rest of his career. During his emotional acceptance speech for the award, Durant tried to hold back his tears as he called his mother “the real MVP.”


Since the Internet’s chill level is basically on the verge of extinction, people went to work and eventually turned his phrase into a series of memes that are now used whenever someone is doing well in life.

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However, it seems that Durant was never a fan of the memes. In a recent interview with GQ, the Power Forward revealed that he hates the memes that turned his admiration for his mother during one of the highlights of his career into one huge joke.

“I was like, man, that was a real emotional moment for me, and you making a joke about it!” he told the magazine. “Damn. Y’all don’t really believe in s–t. You don’t have no morals or nothing. You don’t care about nothing but just making fun … I was serious as hell saying that, you know what I’m saying?”

However, since he couldn’t stop the widespread use of the memes, he’s gotten over it but still feels some type of way.

Click below to check out our favorite “MVP” memes.

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