13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP


slim shady lp

You could say The Slim Shady LP is Eminem’s best album, but that claim would only speak to the depths of the man’s discography. Whereas Infinite, his “proper” debut, showcased an MC with an avid ear for MCs like AZ and Masta Ace, The Slim Shady LP was Eminem’s coming out party, the official announcement of not only a new identity for Marshall, but a new type of rapper – brash, bold, and without any fucks to give. Oh, and white, too.

SSLP was Eminem’s mainstream debut, his first Aftermath/Interscope release, and the work that explosively transformed a chubby underground emcee into the blonde-haired pop culture superstar icon that we all recognize today. The album turns 16 today, so we’ve compiled a list of rare facts you might not know about the album. Note: If you just don’t give a fuck, we still don’t give a fuck, so y’all can kiss our ass.

Words by Beez

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