Apple Unveils Racially Diverse Emojis Coming In New OS X Software


After months and months of rumors and speculation, it looks like Apple will finally be keeping its promise about bringing new emojis to the table. Many Apple users have complained about the lack of racial diversity when it comes to the popular emoticons based on real people, and Apple’s responded by offering six different skin tones to choose from. Apple is also offering emojis of same-sex families, both of which can be seen below.

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You can select different skin tones for nearly every human-based emoji by holding it momentarily and choosing from options, just like you do with different kinds of letters with accents. Even Santa Claus is getting in on the action.


The emojis were revealed in Apple’s latest Beta test for their upcoming OS X 10.10.3, along with a slew of new emojis across the spectrum, including more flags and updates to the watch and the iPhone, among others. It’s a step in the right direction, but not what I’d call progressive. I’m just glad that Apple’s catching up.

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