Ranking Big Sean’s Projects From Worst To Best


Big Sean is ready to leave his mark in hip-hop with his forthcoming album, Dark Sky Paradise. The 26-year-old rapper from Detroit has an impressive discography that spans over four mixtapes and two albums all over eight years. At such a young age, Sean is already on his way to becoming a legend.

When Kanye West introduced Sean as his latest protégé, hip-hop knew they were witnessing a star in the making. After signing Sean to G.O.O.D. Music in 2007, a plethora of co-signs (Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, French Montana are some of his big name collaborators) and consistent run of singles that took over radio showed West wasn’t lying about his talent. With Dark Sky Paradise getting early praise in previews, fans are ready to start the debate: What is Big Sean’s best project? After countless hours of listening through Big Sean’s entire catalogue—including Dark Sky Paradise—we’re here to kick it off with our own list. This is Watchloud’s ranking of Big Sean’s projects, from worst to best.—Eric Diep

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