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Afroman Officially Retires From Live Performing


Afroman has been dealing with a lot up to and following him “pushing” a female fan who hopped up on stage with him last week. The combined stress of that and financial foolishness seems to have pushed him to hang up the guitar and live tunes for good.

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The “Because I Got High” rapper, real name Joseph Edgar Foreman, made a very long post to Facebook about his performance contract and how a technicality led to him mistakingly owing the IRS back taxes, which were then withheld by the DEA (really).

“On Dec-4-2011 the st Charles county police dept in Missouri pulled me over and took all of the money I earned from the shows,” Afroman recalled. “When I asked them why they claimed I was a drug dealer. I told them I was a Grammy nominated singer/rapper they chuckled and Stuck to their suspicions…”

He also attempted to put the incident from last week into context. “Early in my career I have had problems with people jumping on stage grabbing the Mics , spilling beer , on equipment and ruining a show,” he posted. “I had a special clause put in my performance contracts that demands security watch stage and politely discourage anyone from jumping on stage. In my 15 years of performing I noticed once one person jumps on stage 100 people jump on stage.”

Afroman ended the post in as succinct a way as he could. “I no longer have the desire to perform for people. I will continue to record I will continue to make albums I will continue to make videos I will continue to make movies,” he claimed. “They asked my youngest daughter last year what she wanted for Christmas and she said my daddy home every day. On that note I happily retire. I love rapping I love my fans but I love my kids and my family more . it’s been a blast . thank you .”


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