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Bobby Shmurda Lashes Out Against Epic Records From Jail


It’s been two months since Bobby Shmurda aka Ackquille Pollard was arrested and confined to the Manhattan Detention Complex. After Epic Records previously pledged to help the Brooklyn rapper out of jail, it seems as though no one from the label is coming to post his $2 million dollar bail. Now Shmurda wants out of his 7-figure deal with Epic, who signed him less than a year ago.

“When I got locked up, I thought they were going to come for me,” he said during an interview from the Manhattan Detention Complex, “but they never came.”

According to the NY Times, it looks like the label is trying to distance themselves from the situation. Epic Records, a subsidiary of Sony, recruited the GS9 rapper with a major multi-album deal in 2014 based off the viral success of “Hot Boy.” With Epic and Sony backing Shmurda, the infectious single climbed to No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and racked up over 800,000 downloads sold.

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Following his arrest at Quad Studios in December, Pollard faces at least 101 charges including drug dealing and conspiracy charges involving murder, assault, narcotics, and possession of weapons. Since his incarceration, Epic has not responded to pleas from people like 50 Cent who demand the label to help free the 20-year-old.

“You know what I’d really like to see? That check from Epic,” 50 Cent said in a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “Why they didn’t get Bobby out? Why they didn’t bail Bobby out? They got money on the man why they didn’t bail him out?”

The only executive that Pollard has had contact with is his manager Sha Money XL, which has declined to comment due to instructions from Sony. As of now, there’s no update on Shmurda’s case along with the rest of the GS9 crew until their court dates in April. But now that reality has hit hard, Pollard said that he’s going to do everything he can to get out of his contract with Epic.

“I’m going to try my best to go back on the deal,” he said. “If not, I’ll give them their music and bounce.”

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