Pete Rock “Grateful” For Android Placement, Contributed To Kendrick’s New Album


NBA’s All-Star weekend broadcast held one great surprise for hip-hop fans. Google’s Android ran a spot called “Handshake,” a montage of athletic fist bumps, high-fives and other inspired celebrations set to the bright horns and cavernous percussion of Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s classic single, “The Creator.”


At first it was easy to mistake the spot for an ESPN plug, as that network is known for using hip-hop to accentuate their sports coverage. But when the little green Android logo popped up at the end fans lit up Twitter offering virtual hi-fives of their own.


However, no one was probably happier than Pete Rock.

“That has people so excited, especially me. I think I’m the most excited one,” Pete tells WatchLOUD.com. “To have Google notice your music is a big deal so I’m grateful for that.”

After being contacted by music publisher Warner Chappell, Pete’s good friend and co-writer on “The Creator,” Grand Puba of Brand Nubian, reached out to talk about the opportunity. Next thing you know a whole new generation of mobile phone users and sports fans are grooving to a hit from the Windows NT era.

“The Creator” was a single from Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s 1991 EP All Souled Out and was the first time we hear the producer and DJ rapping.

“Yeah it was a fun thing where we reversed roles,” says Pete. “That video was so much fun. We filmed that right in the Hudson River.  It was on this boat called The Frying Pan, which was an actual nightclub on the Hudson. It was huge. It was really hot on that boat that day since it was summer. We were sweatin’ our behinds off on that boat.”

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