Watch RZA Audition For “Parks & Recreation” [VIDEO]


Last night, NBC’s “Parks & Recreation” came to a sappy close with Leslie Knope’s win as the Governor of Indiana, Ron Swanson’s new job overseeing a national park and plenty more surprises. The show followed the political career of Knope, played by Amy Poehler, and her team of hilarious co-workers that did everything possible to help their small town of Pawnee, Indiana. While the show lasted seven seasons, it’s always had a stigma of bringing in low ratings for the network. But there’s always been one person who believed in the show’s full potential: QuestLove.

The Roots’ drummer QuestLove has always believed that show reigned over the world of comedy much like the Wu-Tang Clan has done in hip-hop, and tweeted that belief way back in 2010. Today the band leader of “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” is still convinced that both ensembles are similar because they both have individuals within each group that continue to receive their own shine.

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Five years ago FunnyorDie explored this notion with “auditions” where Wu-Tang Clan’s ringleader RZA apparently tried out for the role of Leslie Knope. He auditioned for the part along with Rashida Jones aka Ann Perkins and Aziz Ansari right before Amy Poehler arrived for her audition. RZA was way too confident and really thought he would get the job.

In memory of “Parks & Recreation,” take a look back and watch RZA’s “audition” below.

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