8 Reasons Frank & Claire Underwood Are Too Trill For Capitol Hill


Netflix’s original series “House of Cards” has become one of the most popular shows around. It is the first non-network show to be nominated for major television awards like the Emmys and Golden Globes. That’s mainly due to the sharp writing, superb acting, and the unrelenting confidence and ruthlessness of its star character congressman Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey.

Underwood and his crew are hell bent on gaining power and exacting the perfect revenge on those who’ve wronged them. In doing so, Underwood, his wife Claire, his chief of staff Doug, and a host of pawns and peons have proven they are too trill for Capitol Hill. Considering the government is one of the most corrupt professional arenas to be in, Frank is a master manipulator in a sea of manipulators.

With the third season of the hit show set to be available on February 27th, check out why Frank and Claire Underwood are too trill for Capitol Hill.

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