Flex Warns Jay Z + 4 More Revelations From His GQ Interview

Funkmaster Flex

Funkmaster Flex may be going through a mid-life crisis, but at least the Hot 97 show host is focusing on transforming his life for the better. Recently, Flex sat down with GQ Magazine’s Bill Bradley and opened up about his life-changing diet, The 40 Day Reset, that has caused him to lose over 45 lbs. Aside from his nostalgic trips to the roller rink and sticking to his diet, he also discussed how he feels about Jay Z after his infamous rants a couple months back.

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After spending two days venting to the world about his problems with Jay Z’s website Life + Times, Flex said that he’s ready to put everything behind him. Flex told GQ that while it’s not “all water under the bridge,” if Jay is over it, then he can move on. However, he does have a warning for Hov if he should ever try him again. Even while he tours with Jigga’s on-and-off rivals Cam’ron and the Diplomats, it doesn’t seem like he’s backing down from the RocNation CEO and will stick to his words.

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