The Music Industry Wants You To Enjoy Your Weekends


*UPDATE: It’s official. The IFPI has changed the global release date to Friday. You can read their statement on the reasoning for the change right here.

Most commercial musical projects tend to drop on Tuesdays, regardless of genre. That might be changing very soon, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

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Music Week reports that the IFPI and the industry is “on the verge of” changing the global music release date from Tuesday to Friday, forever changing the listening schedules of busy bodies the world over. This measure is being taken in an attempt to reduce music piracy, seeing as how everyone will be getting the music at the same time.

While the big labels haven’t “seriously questioned the concept,” it may have a negative effect on independent labels. Beggars Group founder Martin Millis feels that the niche is in danger, saying that “the niche, which can be tomorrow’s mainstream, is further marginalised. I fear it will further cement the dominance of the few – and that that is exactly what it is intended to do.”

What do you think of changing the release of music from Tuesdays to Fridays?

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