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Kanye West’s Debut Of “All Day” At The BRIT Awards Was “Pointless” [VIDEO]


We told you that Kanye West was set to premiere a new song at the BRIT Awards, but we didn’t expect to hear so much backlash from the viewers. After Rihanna pulled out of her scheduled performance, the “Wolves” rapper filled in and debuted his much-anticipated song “All Day.” Yeezy took the stage after his wife Kim Kardashian introduced him and made everyone stand.

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West hit the stage to perform the full version of “All Day” with Allan Kingdom and Theophilus London who performed with ‘Ye as well as English grime artists Novelist, Skepta, Jammer, and Stormzy who made up the large crowd who wore all black. Kanye has said that his new adidas clothing line was inspired by the 2011 London riots so it made sense to pay homage by having the British rappers on stage. What happened during the fiery performance has most fans thinking that the debut was “pointless.”

Kanye chose not to censor himself during the live performance and sparked a plethora of emotions in the star-studded crowd and amongst the viewers watching at home. U.K. broadcaster ITV couldn’t keep up with all the expletives and basically muted half the performance. Not only were attendees like Taylor Swift and Lionel Ritchie shocked that Kanye’s N-Words aired, but the viewers at home felt a certain type of way as they watched the bleeped-out performance.

According to ITV’s recent statement, they “operated a short time delay as standard practice for some years on the show” which allowed them “to mute language that may be inappropriate for that wide audience, and elected to do so in this case, given the performance took place shortly after the 9pm watershed.” Meanwhile, annoyed fans watching the performance took to Twitter to vent.

Watch the uncensored performance below.

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