Who Is Key Wane? 8 Things To Know About The “Finally Famous” Producer


Chances are you have at least three songs on your phone or iPod that have Key Wane credited as a producer. The underlying question here is: Who is Key Wane?

Key Wane is a 25-year-old producer signed to Big Sean’s Finally Famous label. The young producer has produced hit records for the likes of Beyonce, Drake, Meek Mill and many more, but what sets him a part from other producers?

Here’s eight things you may not know about Key Wane.

1.Key Wane taught himself how to play the piano.

Key Wane began his musical journey at the tender age of 11 years old, when he first began playing the piano. He taught himself how to play single-note melodies and wound up impressing his mother to the point where she ordered him a Yamaha keyboard from a JC Penney catalog. Wane eventually began taking piano lessons and playing piano during church service to perfect his craft.

(Pay close attention to the 1:20 mark and keep in mind that this video is from 2012)

2. Big Sean and Key Wane go way back.

Key Wane attended Cass Technical High School in Detroit around the same time rapper Big Sean did. The two musicians linked up through mutual friends, however, Sean wasn’t really feeling Key Wane’s selection.
[In an interview with XXL,] Big Sean said “It’s funny because I used to tell him his beats were wack in high school. Now, he’s on his way to becoming a legendary producer.”

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