William Shatner Tweeted About Leonard Nimoy For 2 Hours And Now We Have Something In Our Eye


To simply say that William Shatner worked with the late Leonard Nimoy on “Star Trek” minimizes the impact those two men had on the worlds of television, film and science fiction. Shatner’s Captain Kirk was the Yin to the proverbial Yang of Nimoy’s Mr. Spock, both on and off screen, and the two will forever be entwined in the pantheons of entertainment. So when Nimoy passed away on Friday February 27th all eyes were on Kirk for his reaction and reflections.

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Sadly, a prior commitment to the Red Cross kept Shatner from attending Leonard Nimoy’s funeral services (he has sent his daughters Melanie and Lisabeth in his place) but that didn’t stop the man millennials know as the Priceline negotiator from memorializing his friend and colleague on Twitter. For over two hours he answered questions from the fans and offered personal insights about him. Here are some of our favorites. RIP Leonard Nimoy.

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