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Kanye West Praises Drake’s Accomplishments + The Best Quotes From His Oxford Speech


Kanye West’s Eurotrip has been successful after the premiere of “All Day” at the BRIT Awards and revealing the official title of his new album, So Help Me God. The G.O.O.D Music boss continued his UK invasion by making time to speak to students at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History earlier today. While there was no specification as to what West would be speaking on, Oxford’s own media outlet The Tab was on-site live tweeting his lecture.

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From what we’ve gathered, Yeezus began by talking about his own college career and explained what he would do if he didn’t drop out of college. If he had the opportunity, he would go back to school at the Art Institute and pursue fine art to become “Picasso or greater.” ‘Ye also commented on Drake’s recent accomplishment of surpassing The Beatles on the Hot 100 Billboard chart.

“With the advent of a human being named Drake (laughs) you know, this idea of holding onto a number 1 spot,” Kanye said during the lecture. “You get this guy that comes out of nowhere and blows every number 1 band out of the water, be it me or Paul McCartney.”

Kanye also admitted that Chris Rock, along with every other media outlet, said that his fifth studio album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was the best album in the past 25 years. He also said that the best thing about it was that Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj outdid him on their track “Monster.” While there were students live-blogging the lecture, Oxford said that the entire video of Kanye’s lecture will be available online for all to see. While we wait for the video, here are some of the quotes that were tweeted by The Tab.












Plus, watch SNL crack on Kanye for his recent public apologies to Beck and Bruno Mars below.


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