The Pharcyde Describes How They Met J Dilla With Snoop Dogg [VIDEO]

California rap collective The Pharcyde passed by GGN studios to chop it up with Snoop Dogg aka Nemo Hoes. Imani and Bootie Brown explained their come up from their early days of busting moves as dancers while on tour with Candyman and Tone Loc to pursuing their career in music. The “Passin Me By” rappers described how fellow Cali native Rass Kass got them motivated to get into the rapping game.

“Rass Kass was our homeboy because Rass Kass used to dance with us,” Imani explained. “Rass said, ‘Yo I got this spot with some cats upstairs. You guys could get signed to a record label.'”

Even though they didn’t take the deal, the offer did encourage them to make their first demo tape. Not only did they recall when they first met Snoop and worked with Spike Jonze, but they also reflected on when they first met and worked with the late J. Dilla. They described how they initially heard his beats in New York while working with A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip. Tip put them on to Dilla not long after Tip met Dilla during Lollapalooza and got one of his demo tapes. But once their label found out they recruited a producer without a “brand name,” they had to prove that Dilla would be good for the work.

“What we were feeling was that we wanted to give him the same money we were giving top producers at the time, said Imani. “We were supposed to go to New York to get some brand names. Then we got him.”

“The record label was pissed,” said Bootie Brown. The group had to sell their idea about using Dilla to their label. After they were successful, Dilla went on to produced one of their most memorable singles, “Runnin’,” which was featured on their second album Labcabincalifornia. Watch the interview in full above.

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