Theophilus London Explains How He Contributed To Kanye West’s New Album [VIDEO]

Although the premiere of Kanye West’s “All Day” at the BRIT Awards was basically muted, Yeezus delivered the full song and now its finally playing on radio stations all over the country. As the anticipation for his upcoming album So Help Me God continues to build, the focus has shifted to the man behind the single: Theophilus London. After one of London’s shows in Canada, Montreality caught up with the Brooklyn rapper/producer. Even though he was feeling under the weather, London let us in on how he changed “All Day” for the better.

“Kanye is changing the album everyday,” Theo says. “When I heard the album, it was done. Six-to-nine months later, he’s still working on it. So, everyday it’s a new album when he wakes up. He’s the hardest working dude and he’s older than all of us… That’s why I look up to him.”

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During the brief interview, Theo explains that originally “All Day” had a Jamaican sample. But once they got together, he and Kanye decided to switch out the sample and just use Theo’s background vocals. London also talked about his first raps, which were inspired by the likes of Kanye and Pharrell, and the first job he had as a teenager, plus his favorite video games. Watch the interview above.

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