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5 O’Clock Beat Drop: Chance The Rapper, MC Tree, & Billy Woods


So many rap songs drop every day, it’s hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we do the 5 O’Clock Beat Drop to collect the best (and sometimes worst) songs of the day in one, easy to find post for your convenience.

Nosaj Thing – “Cold Stares” (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

“Cold Stares” is the second collaboration between L.A. producer Nosaj Thing, who came out of the Low End Theory scene out West, and Chicago star Chance The Rapper. The first was “Paranoia,” but this one might be even more subdued. Chance is nearly whispering as he meekly delivers a verse about, essentially, being alone, and as emotional as Acid Rap is, this might be some of Chance’s most sullen work to date. We dig it.

MC Tree – “Trap Genius”

Nobody in America, let alone Chicago, sounds like MC Tree. The guy who just dropped his TrapGenius project last week now releases the video for the song of the same name, and it’s got his signature Trap Soul draped all over it. The song, which he produced, mixes some of the more traditional Drill percussion patterns with piano stabs that sound straight out of church. Add that voice, which sounds like it’s been to hell and back, and you’ve got one hell of an artistic package.

billy woods – “WarMachines”

This plodding, saxophone-laden track by billy woods is a must-listen. Backwoodz Studioz have been providing underground diehards with fire since the days of Super Chron Flight Brothers, and “WarMachines” is no different. Sit down with this one. You’re gonna need a couple spins to let it sink in.


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