5 Signs Cam’ron & Prince Might Be Related


In 2004 Dave Chappelle, with the help of Charlie Murphy, blew our collective minds when they revealed that Prince—among his many another talents—was a damn good basketball player.


Though the legendary guitarist has confirmed this in interviews since then, photographic proof has since emerged that shows Prince in middle school living out his hoop dreams.


We don’t know about you but the whole thing gave us a sense of de ja vu.  It feels like we’re reading about Cam’ron. Why?

5.) Ball don’t lie

The Dip Set leader not only balled at Manhattan Center High school, he once shut down a young Stephon Marbury in a hoops tournament. However, an injury and grades kept him from going to a Division I college and potentially go pro. There were no pancakes served that we know of, but syrup is a possibility.


4.) Color Struck

Prince definitely put purple on the map with his classic song and album Purple Rain, but Cam’ron’s Purple Haze is deemed by many to be his best work.

Cam'ron Purple Haze thumb

3.)  Freaks of A Feather

While Prince has definitely assumed a more saintly mantle in his later years, he of the afro-quaff is unmatched in his reputation with the ladies in the ’80s. And though Cam seems to have settled down with his muse Juju, his songs like “Cookies & Apple Juice” took libidinous libations to heights R. Kelly never imagined.


2.) Drama Kings

Prince’s 1984 semi-autobiographical flick Purple Rain was his first foray into film and was followed by  Under The Cherry Moon, Sign ‘O’ the Times and Graffiti Bridge. Cam’ron has put on his directors hat to helm several independent films like Killa Season and web series “First Of The Month.”


1.) Crew Love

From the Revolution and The Time to the New Power Generation, nobody could assemble and manage musical talent like Prince. On the other side Killa transformed The Diplomats into Dipset, one of the most popular and drama-filled crews in hip-hop. And try to tell us Jim Jones ain’t the Morris Day to Cam’s Prince.


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