Calvario! The 19 Most Slanderous Reactions To Kim K’s Dye Job [Tweets]

Kim K Blond Harry Potter

Ahhh, another day, another Kim Kardashian trending topic. Kanye’s wife debuted a new look today somewhere in Paris. Yes, there are plenty of people who have no f*cks to give about Kim Kardashian dying her hair, but the fun part of the ‘net is seeing how people react to even the most banal things.

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Kim K’s new platinum blonde look was compared to everything from a Dragon Ball Z character to a villain from a James Bond movie. This is clearly a subliminal attempt by Yeezus to make us think platinum when his new album drops. Or something.

**And in case you’re wondering, “Calvario” is indeed a Harry Potter hair-loss curse used in “Lego Harry Potter.”


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