Did Hotel Maids Drain Mike Tyson Before Fight With Buster Douglas? [VIDEO]


February 11th marked twenty five years since boxing champ Mike Tyson lost his first ever fight to Buster Douglas in Japan in 1990. But in this interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Tyson reveals that he was really busy in his hotel before that fight, despite the efforts of his handlers to keep him out of trouble.

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“I get carried away sometimes,” Tyson says with a sigh. “I’m in the hotel and they won’t let me out the hotel, just let me go to training and come back like I’m some neanderthal. I can’t associate with people. So I end up  [having sex] with all the maids…they were so ugly, too.”

Kimmel follows up with the question of the hour: “So you have sex with the maids and THEN they clean up the room? Or how does it work?” Tyson’s comeback is gold. “Once I go, I’m gone.”


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