Dame Dash Talks Loisaidas & Clears The Air About Kanye West, Jay Z [VIDEO]

Damon Dash can never be counted out for long. The former Roc-A-Fella executive sat down with Sway to talk about everything the morning show audience has been curious about, from his legal troubles to the status of his relationships with Jay Z, Kanye West and Jim Jones. To begin, Sway asked about his new film Loisaidas, which was executive produced by Kanye West and features cameos from The LOX (Jadakiss, Styles P & Sheek Louch) and Smoke DZA. He explained why he’s releasing the film in episodic form via the film’s website and Complex.

“What I did was I made my own Netflix because I was sick of them not taking my calls,” Dash explained. “In Hollywood, they only messes with one black man per company. When you send something to them–you could have a personal relationship with them and I’m telling you, Lionsgate – it’s just crazy how it’s still like that. And I was like ‘I’m not doing it.’ A couple years back, we started to figure out that the director/consumer relationship is really where its going to be at. No middle man anyways. So I was like ‘It’s time to do it.'”

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Dame also explained the pending lawsuit he has against “Empire” producer Lee Daniels after not being paid for his work on the 2004 film The Woodsman. Dame also spoke about presenting Kanye West with the Visionary Award at the BET Honors and cleared up some misconceptions that have been following Ye’s former manager over the years. While most believe Kanye West simply left Roc-A-Fella Records to pursue his solo career, Dash confirmed that he dropped West from the label because of disagreements with “the way he was moving.” Before they worked together on the film, Dash hadn’t been in contact with Yeezus for years because of their separate business paths.

“Nobody walked away from me,” Dame Dash said. “Why do y’all think that…I don’t think y’all really understood the truth about that whole situation. At the time Kanye—I had dropped Kanye, to be honest. And it was because of us not agreeing with the way he was moving. And that’s water under the bridge. But then I gave him the opportunity like—‘Yo, as a man I signed you, so I’mma give you the opportunity. I’m not gonna walk away while you signed to Roc-A-Fella. You want me to keep running your shit, I will.’ But I had already argued with him. I had already got at him, like the old Dame Dash. And again, it’s not really relevant at this point, but we had already kind of established we wasn’t moving. Like n*ggas was begging me like ‘Don’t drop him.’ I’m like ‘I’m not doing that.’ And he chose to make the right decision that he felt was right for himself. That was it. For the last five, six years, it’s been nothing Kanye could do for me. Nothing.”

Dash also talked about his current relationship with RocNation CEO Jay Z and The Diplomats’ Jim Jones. Much like his “beef” with Jim Jones that was glorified on Instagram last year, Jay Z’s former manager and business partner said that there’s no animosity between them. While their problems stacked sky high all those years ago, they’ve put everything aside and shared some moments together that have gone viral, like their meeting at their mutual friend Chaka’s birthday party last year. However, Dash said that if the story behind Jay’s “affiliation with informants” is true, then he won’t be messing with him.

“Those moments – there were two. One was Chaka’s birthday,” he said. “And they were real adamant about me coming to her birthday, because I love Chaka like a little sister. And I was gonna come through. I don’t have a beef with Jay. I never did. We just approach business different. And the other time was with my daughter. We’re gentlemen. We’re men. We’ve done a lot. Just because you don’t agree with a man, because you’re black don’t mean you gotta fight, argue. You just have a different perspective. And at this very moment just based on what I read in the paper. This is the one time that the paper did scare me, and I was like ‘There has to be some truth to it.’ Is when I read about his affiliation with informants. That he’s in business with certain people. And it’s tricky for me to say, but just based on where I’m from, I can’t have nothing to do with that…I love Jay, but let’s say I find out any of that shit [is true], I can’t fuck with him at all. Because that’s how I was raised. It ain’t no disrespect. I don’t know how anyone else was raised. That’s it. It ain’t nothing to talk about. And it’s real serious for me.”

Watch the interview in full above.

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