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Maino Cleared Of Mellanie Monroe Assault Charges


The assault case against Brooklyn-based rapper Maino involving porn star Mellanie Monroe was officially dropped on Friday (March 6), according to HipHopWired.

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Maino’s law firm (The Blanch Law Firm) and the New York D.A.’s Office managed to prove that Monroe, real name Kelly Hennigan, completely made up the story of her assault. She claimed that back in October 2014, Maino kicked her in the leg outside of the Griffin nightclub before his associate Richard Holt hit her in the head with a champagne bottle. Cell phone footage obtained by the Blanch Law Firm confirmed that she was instead sprayed with champagne after hurling racial epithets at Holt.

It was also proven that the assault in Maino’s SUV, an Audi Q7, was physically impossible because a console in between the driver and passenger’s seats made it impossible for him to kick Monroe in the leg. Monroe was also proven to be the instigator, as she had entered his car without permission, and NYPD had her removed from the car, at Maino’s request.

Nicole Manini, Esq. of the Blanch Law Firm, had this to say in Maino’s defense: “As a female attorney, I find it completely offensive to actual victims of domestic violence and assault that Ms. Hennigan (aka Mellanie Monroe) would make these allegations against our client knowing that they were not true. False allegations of abuse and assault diminish the severity of such crimes real victims face and increase the fear that they will not be believed should they come forward against their assailants.”


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