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Sauce Diddy Clears The Air Regarding Steve Francis Chain-Snatching


Sauce Diddy, the manager of Houston, TX-based rap duo Sauce Twinz, sat down with HipHopDX today (March 8) to tell his side of the story regarding Steve Francis’ untimely chain-snatching.

Former NBA baller Steve Francis had his necklace snatched from his neck at a Sauce Twinz concert in Houston last month, being pulled to the ground and stomped out for the chain. Speculation led many to believe that this might’ve been a premeditated jacking on the Twinz’s part, but apparently, that wasn’t the case.

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Diddy, also known as Kisobama, told DX that “Steve Francis was pretty much drunk and people were trying to get him off stage beforehand.” Sauce Diddy pleaded his case by describing the incident: “One of my artists was getting on stage to perform and he was trying to stop them from getting on stage. Why he was doing that, I don’t know. That’s how he end up arguing with people. The altercation had nothing to do with us. That was another person taking it upon theyself to try to do some sneaky shit while we were trying to defuse another situation.” Diddy chalked it up to being nothing more than “an unfortunate situation that happened at a Sauce Twinz concert.”

The Sauce Twinz are a local phenomenon in the Texas area, but they’ve been getting some national exposure with this Steve Francis incident. Diddy also took the time to fill people in on upcoming tracks and remixes from the group, including “the remix to 2 Legited to Quited featuring Drake…the ‘Tatted In The Face’ remix featuring Kevin Gates, as well as the song we have featuring Boozie Bad Azz [Why Did I Do This?]”


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