Cannibal Ox Reveals Their Creative Process For New Album Blade of the Ronin [VIDEO]

Harlem rap duo Cannibal Ox know about the true values of teamwork. Vast Aire and Vordul Mega have been working together for over 15 years in the studio and on-stage to bring their music to the ears of fans across the country. With their second album Blade Of The Ronin in stores now, MTV’s Rob Markman decided to chop it with them about the album and get a deeper insight on their creative process.

“We like to draw from each other’s ideas,” said Vast Aire. “Just pull from each other’s creative awareness. He might come up with a title. the title will create a theme, and then we just go off ideas.”

Aire and Mega reflected on the past 15 years of their career, including performances before their debut album The Cold Vein. Mega also reveals that he drew a lot of his inspiration for his rhymes from the classic block of Saturday morning cartoons that many of us adults still miss from time to time. Watch the interview in full above.

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