Daddy-O Remembers Biggie, Says Lil’ Kim Is From The Bronx [VIDEO]

Veteran Hip-Hop MC and producer Daddy-O is one of Brooklyn’s finest. The founder of Stetsasonic has worked with everyone from Mary J. Blige to Audio Two. So it was only right that LiveHipHopDaily sat down with him to share his early memories of working with The Notorious B.I.G. and his crew Junior Mafia.

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“The way I  met Big was that I lived on Irving Place and Big lived on St. James, which is the next block over. We both lived between Putnam and Gates. It’s probably around ’93, I’m cutting my solo record, You can Be A Daddy, But Never Daddy-O….I met UN (Rivera) and one day he says to me ‘I have an idea to do this thing called Junior Mafia.’ He says you ever see Big and them walking around? I used to see them walking the streets, a bunch of little kids looking like the Fat Albert gang. They had goose vests with Boy Scout numbers that said 666…they used to be up and down Fulton street. So he told me Big got this girl from The Bronx—a lot of people don’t know Kim from The Bronx, Kim is not from Brooklyn—and she can rhyme. I said what about the rest of them? He said I don’t know if they can rhyme but I got this idea. So Un gave me the whole layout for what Junior Mafia was gonna be. It was incredible. He created these vignettes, it was STUPID what we was trying to do with these boys. But when we started trying to do it, everybody was afraid but Kim.”

Watch the rest of the video above where he talks about the difference between Jay Z and Biggie in the studio.

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