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Scarface Delivers An Update On His New Album Deeply Rooted [VIDEO]

The anticipation is building sky-high for Scarface fans who have been patiently waiting for his twelfth studio album Deeply Rooted to hit shelves this year. The Houston rapper hasn’t gone in depth about the project until now. In his new web series entitled “The Road To #DeeplyRooted,” the former Geto Boy gives us an update on what we should expect to hear on the new body of work.

“It talks about my life,” said Scarface. “It talks about the good times, the bad times. The game the same. It don’t switch. The same rules apply in this game as it did in the other games that we played. You play that mothafucka, you win it, and then you get out the way.”

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Scareface offered his views on the the rap game and said that the goal is still the same. You’ve got to aim to win and then “get out the way.” The web series also sheds more light on Scarface’s upcoming book, which will be co-written by Benjamin Meadows-Ingram. The “Guess Who’s Back” rapper also reveals the details of his latest tattoo in the first installment of the series.

As far as the release date of the album, Scarface told Hip Hop DX last year that he’s planning to release the album unexpectedly like Drake and Beyoncé. Will he stick to his word? Catch the first episode of “The Road To #DeeplyRooted” above.

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