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Method Man Shames XXL For Misinforming Him About Once Upon A Time In Shaolin [VIDEO]

Method Man

(Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post)

As many of us know now, the vast majority of the Wu-Tang Clan was kept in the dark about the marketing process behind their one-of-a-kind album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Method Man in particular responded to RZA’s apparent 88-year embargo on the album in a XXL interview in as succinct a way as possible: “F*ck that album, if that’s what they’re doing…”

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In an interview with HuffPost Live today (March 11), Method Man says that he was “misinformed” about what RZA planned to do with the album: “The information she gave me was no one will be able to hear this album for 88 years,” Meth clarified. Even after his explanation via Twitter, RZA still wasn’t out of Meth’s crossfire. “If RZA had been on point as far as keeping us in the loop with the album, that probably would have never happened.”

Meth continued by talking about how Vibe magazine “fueled the fire” in the infamous East/West Coast beefs of 1990s hip-hop and how “B-level Wu-Tang artists” like Cilvaringz tend to bring gimmicks to the table that the rest of the Clan may not be happy about. Watch Method Man clear the air above.

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