Suge Knight Claims To Be “Legally Blind” In His Left Eye


(photo courtesy of the New York Daily News)

This episode of The People’s Court that the Suge Knight hit and run case has devolved into just took another sharp left turn this afternoon.

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The former Death Row Records mogul now claims that he’s legally blind in his left eye, not being able to see at all, and this, his lawyer Matthew Fletcher is attempting to argue, is why Knight ran over and killed Terry Carter last month. Fletcher pleaded his case in an interview with the New York Daily News, saying that “it wasn’t an option for Knight to veer left down the street…How can he go left if he can’t see?”

My main question is why would Suge be driving a car in the first place if he’s legally blind, but that’s beyond the point. Even with the desperate plea, Suge’s hole is only getting deeper. I swear, there’s a Left Eye joke in here somewhere…

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