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5 O’Clock Beat Drop: Lupe Fiasco, Kevin Gates, Post Malone, & More

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So many rap songs drop every day, it’s hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we do the 5 O’Clock Beat Drop to collect the best (and sometimes worst) songs of the day in one, easy to find post for your convenience.

Snubnose Frankenstein & MitchGoneMad – “Cul De Sac (Part 2)”

We could listen to Snubnose Frankenstein rap for days on end. The GA kid has been a favorite since his fresh Rappin’ Ass Nigga project, and though he doesn’t release music as often as we’d like, we celebrate when he does. The track above hits on every cylinder, from the flows to the imagery to the beat buildup. Now if only we could get that Stay In Bed LP from those Lousy Human Bastards…

Big K.R.I.T. – “B4SXSW”

Whoa…if you’ve ever been frustrated about Big K.R.I.T. sounding too much like Pimp C, your time has come. Today Krizzle drops off a track for his SXSW appearance, and it’s over a vintage-sounding Screw type beat. K.R.I.T.’s vocals are even slowed down in typical Houston fashion. Screwed Up Click lovers, this one’s for you.

Roc Marciano – “Patina” (Prod. by The Purist)

When Roc Marciano opens his mouth, you listen. Purist knows how to lay down street sounds, and Marc knows how to trample them, but can we get a new project from Roc?

Lupe Fiasco – “Atomic Misphilosophy” (Prod. by 1500 Or Nothin’)

Is this new Lupe song an outtake from Tetsuo & Youth? It’d make sense. Though the beat is a little lackluster, Lupe is on his meditation shit, looking over the globe and ruminating on the ruins he sees. The final product is just okay, though.

Post Malone – “TEAR$” (Feat. 1stDown) [Prod. by FKi)

There’s a few too many references to Supreme on this track, but Post Malone’s follow-up to the viral hit “White Iverson” is better than we thought it’d be. The guy has come out of nowhere, and while most love romanticizing about how “grassroots” artists can blow up overnight, he does have a 300 Ent. email address in his Twitter bio. Don’t be fooled. The biggest winner here is still the talented production duo FKi, by the way.

Kevin Gates – “Her” (Feat. Boobie Black) [Prod. by Millz]

Publicity aside, Kevin Gates is still one of the best writers in rap right now. Even a random throwaway with as generic a title as “Her” still manages to entice thanks to Kevin’s unorthodox rhyme style.

Denzel Curry – “Envy Me” (Prod. by Ronny J)

Denzel Curry has always had potential, but if you were a smart miscreant in school, you know how insidious that word “potential” can become. Luckily, Denzel’s music is manically kinetic, and on his latest single “Envy Me,” it’s his singing on the hook that sounds like a major improvement. The way he uses words and spaces them out is very didactic for the listener, so his music is always a nice respite from these other mush-mouthed MCs. 32Zel/PlanetShrooms drops May 26.

Doughboy – “Break Da Knob” (Prod. by Sleepytyme4000)

St. Louis rapper Doughboy drops an energetic new single today called “Break The Knob,” and while it’s nothing mindblowing, it’s definitely worth a listen. It can put a little hop in your step, and those piano keys on the beat help, too.

Skeme – “Every Day” (Feat. Shon Doe)

We’ve been fans of Skeme ever since his 2012 LP Alive & Living, and now he returns with a blazing new single, “Every Day.” It sounds like there’s a touch of Autotune on the hook, and Skeme manipulates it perfectly. With a beat that sounds like it’s influenced by DJ Mustard, “Every Day” could be the single Skeme needs to reach a larger audience.

Oddisee – “That’s Love”

Rappers who talk about love have to walk a fine line between being real and being corny. They should look to Oddisee for advice. His new track is a sunny, get-up-and-go song full of life’s lessons, organs, and fat horns. “That’s Love” is a parade of the heart, and more rappers should bare their emotions like the DMV rapper does on this one.

T.I. – Project Steps (Prod. by Mars of 1500 Or Nothin’)

T.I.’s gully new single slows things down, perhaps to a crawl. It doesn’t have the verve that that “About The Money” carried, and so it falls a little flat.

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