What You Say? 10 Of The Most Popular Rappers We Can’t Understand


Words by Preezy

In most genres of music, communication between the artist and listener is key. The artist speaks directly to the audience through their lyrics, giving you an entertaining glimpse at their thoughts, dreams and everything in between. Hip-Hop is most known for this connection, having been dubbed the ‘Ghetto CNN’ during its more formative periods and a conduit for an innumerable amount of underprivileged youth to get their voices heard by the masses.

Lyrics have always played a big part in this equation, usually dictating which artists would stick around and which would fade into obscurity. Having a precise flow and an ear for dope beats is also paramount. But the biggest part to the recipe of being a rapper is for people to actually be able to understand the message the artist is delivering, cause what’s the point of being a lyricist if you’re unable to get your point across?

But there are always exceptions to any rule. Throughout rap’s history, there have been more than a handful of artists to gain notoriety despite us fans not always having a clue as to what they were actually saying, but we did know whatever they said sounded good on the beat regardless. Finding myself in that specific situation not too long ago while listening to a particular MC, it got me thinking of other rappers that me and many others love to hear on a track, but sometimes leave us bewildered lyrically. Even when we can make out the words but they just don’t compute, or we flat out have no idea what is coming out of their mouths at all.

With that said, we present 10 Of The Most Popular Rappers We Can’t Understand.

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