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Rush Limbaugh Says Racist SAE Chant Would Have “Been A Hit” If Kanye West Sang It [LISTEN]


Political commentator Rush Limbaugh claimed that if the racist chant from Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Oklahoma was sung by Kanye West, “it’d be a hit.” During Limbaugh’s syndicated radio show yesterday, the talk radio host responded to the comments made by anchor Mika Brzezinski on the MSBNC show “Morning Joe” regarding rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s interview with CNN.

Brzezinski blamed Waka for encouraging racist incidents on campus because of his constant use of the N-word in his music. While the majority of the population commended Waka for his mature decision, Limbaugh responded to the anchor’s claim by making his own ignorant remark. He said that if the racist chant was sung by “Kim Kardashian’s husband” at the Grammys, the song would “get awards.”

“If this had been a song by Kim Kardashian‘s husband, and then sung this song at the Grammys, it’d be a hit,” said Limbaugh during his live broadcast. “I’m telling you, this stuff gets awards and people that sing it are portrayed as American royalty in terms of celebrity. You can’t deny that.”

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I’m sure there are several people that will deny it, Rush. Along with MSNBC’s biased comments, the ignorant chant has sparked up opinions from every side of the argument including students of color who attend OU and “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, who completely blasted the MSNBC crew during his broadcast last night (Mar 11).

While Kanye has yet to respond to Limbaugh, he made his own comments about racism. During his most recent interview with Clique TV, Yeezus claimed that racism is “dated” and made his own wild comparison.

“Racism is a dated concept. It’s a silly concept that people touch on to try to separate, to alienate, to pinpoint anything. It’s stupid. It’s like a bouncing ball in a room with two cats or something. When you don’t feel like playing with the cat, you throw the bouncing ball and literally let them fight over the bouncing ball, and the bouncing ball has nothing, no purpose, anything other than it bounces. That’s racism. It’s not an actual thing that even means anything, it’s something that was used to hold people back in the past, but now there have been so many leaps, it’s played out like a style from the eighteen hundreds or something.”

Listen to Rush Limbaugh’s comments below.


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