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The Powers That B By Death Grips Finally Gets A Release Date


I could hardly believe my eyes when I first saw it; a pre-order web page for experimental hip-hop group Death Grips’ fabled final album The Powers That B. They’ve been playing with our hearts ever since they broke up back in July of last year, but it looks like they’re finally ready to give us their parting gift.


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Death Grips is an experimental hip-hop group from Sacramento, CA that consists of Stefan “MC Ride” Burnett and producer/drummer Zach Hill; they’re as well known for their avant-garde style and unpredictable behavior as they are for their music. They’ve earned a reputation as hip-hop’s biggest teases (they were a no-show at Lollapalooza 2013 and abruptly cancelled a nationwide tour with Nine Inch Nails last summer), but something tells me that this release date is real.

According to the Harvest Records website, the infamous delayed double album (that’s the cover above), whose first part, n****s on the moon, was released last year, will officially see release on vinyl on March 17, along with the unheard second half, titled Jenny Death. Fans don’t have to ask “Jenny Death, when?” anymore. Check out the video for their latest single “Inanimate Sensation” above.  

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