Radio.Com Picks 8 Artists That Could Call Copyright Infringement On “Uptown Funk”


Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were made to cough up over $7 million when they officially lost their case involving the 2013 mega hit “Blurred Lines,” which has kicked up a debate in the music world as to what exactly constitutes ripping off a song; outright plagiarism vs. highjacking another song or artist’s “feel.”

RELATED: Pharrell And Robin Thicke Lose $7.3 Million “Blurred Lines” Case found that if Williams and Thicke have Marvin Gaye’s children barking up their tree, then what would stop artists who feel that the 2014 mega hit “Uptown Funk” by producer Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars? The general production of the song pulls from big-band music and soul/funk, while Mars’ powerful vocals and entire appeal have been built around a vintage sound, so any number of funk, soul, R&B, and even rock n’ roll artists can come calling. Check out their eight potential picks here.

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