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Did Drake’s Management Stop Him From Battling Murda Mook?

dame mook

Dame Dash’s Breakfast Club interview has quotables for days, from his refusal to talk about Jay to his bullying attitude toward Envy. Perhaps most interesting, though, is when Murda Mook and Dame talked about the possibility of a Drake battle.

“I think Drake made a fundamental mistake in battling,” said Dame. “He challenged Mook. See in the street, you can’t challenge somebody and then take back the challenge. I think he said something on emotion, [and] on a business level his peoples told him, ‘You got too much to lose.’ So what I told Mook was Drake’s not gonna battle you until you’re richer than him, and that’ll be next week.”

What’s next week? We don’t know, but according to Mook, Drake wants to do it. Watch both parts of the Dame Dash interview on Breakfast Club below.

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