The Resume: A Brief History Of Common’s Movie Roles


Common has been rocking the mic for over 20 years, creating classic after classic in the name of hip-hop. It’s been over a decade since he began taking his acting skills seriously and hasn’t looked back since. While Common has made his presence on TV and even in video games, his best work in front of the camera is solidified in the abundance of movies that he’s starred in. The Chicago rapper has lent his talents to portray characters of all sorts, from a street hustler to an emperor penguin.

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There have been a few rappers that have dabbled with the art of acting. Some have completely mastered both crafts. Common is considered one of the diamonds in the rough that has been able to deliver a powerful monologue and keep up his rapping skills throughout the majority of his career. With his next feature film Run All Night hitting the silver screen this week, we decided to take a different route and highlight all of his best film credits over the years.

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