Nonna Marijuana Challenges Action Bronson To A Weed Cookoff [VIDEO]

Nonna Marijuana

Aurora Leveroni, better known as Nonna Marijuana, is a 91-year-old chef who cooks food infused with medical marijuana. She’s become famous for her homegrown cooking style and the fact that she’s a 91-year-old chef who cooks food infused with medical marijuana. 

And now she wants to battle Action Bronson food for food.

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During a Munchies YouTube comment reading, someone mentioned that Nonna and Bam Bam should duke it out in the kitchen. She may be old, but Nonna showed no fear when she said that “There’s no question about that. I am.” She sized Bronson up (“You’re not a bad looking man if I can get past that beard”) before staking her claim. “Let me hear from you, sweet lips. We’ll see if we can do a cook off together, and I know I’m gonna win, bar none.” All I’m waiting for at this point is a response from Bam Bam himself.

Both Nonna and Bronson have been featured on Munchies, so I wonder who we have to talk to in order to get this going. Check out their YouTube channel here and watch the calling out above.

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