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Nelly Is The First American Artist To Perform In Iraq


The destructive war zone that’s going down in the Middle East doesn’t seem to bother rapper Nelly at all. The “Tip Drill” veteran took his talents to a place where no American artist has gone before. He touched down in Northern Iraq last Friday (Mar 13) to perform at a benefit concert for those who have fallen victim to attacks from the terrorist group ISIS. Nelly hit the stage at the Iraqi Kurdistan in the city of Erbil.

The Rwanga Foundation, the group who helped put on the concert, confirmed that the St. Lunatics spitter is the first American artist to perform live in the city’s 8,000 year history. Before he took the stage, Nelly was able to meet with the city’s governor Nawzad Hadi.

Nelly’s debut performance in the Middle Eastern country occurred during Erbil’s annual soccer tournament. Although the stands weren’t jam-packed, the crowd of 15,000 attendees seemed to enjoy the show as they proudly waved their country’s flag in the air. The show succeeded in raising funds for the peshmerga, a Kurdish group that’s leading the fight against ISIS. Nelly’s presence on the Iraqi stage may have been historic, yet critics are still questioning his intentions after learning how much he was paid to make the appearance. Hey, must be the money.

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