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Move Over, Drake: Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly Is Breaking Spotify Records, Too

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*UPDATE: Billboard got in touch with a Spotify representative, who crunched the numbers and estimated that Kendrick made $44, 160 globally in one day off the To Pimp A Butterfly streams on the service. But we know where most of that money is really going, don’t we?

*UPDATE 2: TDE co-president Terrence “Punch” Henderson confirms that Kendrick broke his OWN record on day two with 9.8 million streams of To Pimp A Butterfly, up from 9.6 the previous day. Damn!

*UPDATE 3: Billboard reports that To Pimp A Butterfly is set to sell 325,000 copies in its first week, garnering Kendrick his first no. 1 album. Note that these were solely digital copies, and so in this realm, Kendrick actually lost to Drake, whose If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late sold around 535,000 copies in his first week. The botched digital release probably had something to do with that.

We had a feeling that To Pimp A Butterfly was gonna break some records, and now it seems like we’ve learned about the first one.

The CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment Dangeroo Kipawaa just tweeted that Kendrick Lamar’s new album set a one-day streaming record on Spotify with 9.6 million plays. To compare, Drake’s latest album broke the single-day streaming record with 6.8 million plays. Kendrick’s LP was streamed almost 3 million times MORE than Drake’s in one day.


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