Watch Azealia Banks Strip Down & Talk About Emulating Jay Z’s Career For Playboy [VIDEO]


We’ve seen Azealia Banks flex her uncensored opinions about the music industry, race and pretty much anything that pisses her off on Twitter. We’ve also gawked at our timelines as she fired rounds of shots at a full list of artists including Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, and everyone’s favorite Australian MC. It shouldn’t surprise us that she found a new and sexy way to rant about the issues she cares about most all while stripping down to her birthday suit.

Playboy got the opportunity to chop it up with Banks about a slew of topics ranging from her sex life to her religious background. Banks was more open than usual about her sex life, which she highlighted her bisexuality, her longest relationship with a 43-year-old man, and her once very hairy poon nanny.

“It started when I was 17,” Banks admitted. “He was 43. There’s something very wrong with a man that age who wants to date a 17-year-old girl. I didn’t know how to shave my bush and shit like that. I had a hairy pussy.”

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Aside from all the sexually charged topics, Banks explained why she feels so strongly about race issues and cultural appropriation. She even revealed that she wants to emulate Jay Z’s career simply because the RocNation CEO never used race as a crutch or tried to appease white culture like other artists have in the past. She also spoke about her religion and how her music changed after she “escaped” her records deals with Interscope and Universal Music Group.

On wanting Jay Z’s career:

“That’s the only person I have my eye set on. The race thing always comes up, but I want to get there being very black and proud and boisterous about it. You get what I mean? A lot of times when you’re a black woman and you’re proud, that’s why people don’t like you. In American society, the game is to be a nonthreatening black person. That’s why you have Pharrell or Kendrick Lamar saying, “How can we expect people to respect us if we don’t respect ourselves?” He’s playing that nonthreatening black man shit, and that gets all the white soccer moms going, “We love him.” Even Kanye West plays a little bit of that game—“Please accept me, white world.” Jay Z hasn’t played any of those games, and that’s what I like.”

On her music changing after her failed record deals:

“Even though I’ve always made really cool stuff, I did it with a little bit of a pop sensibility because I was signed to a major label. That’s why you have songs like “ATM Jam” and “Chasing Time” that are more pop. But now I don’t have a label to answer to. All the ideas I’m having are fucking cool and abstract and crazy and dope.”

On her religion:

“I don’t want to say, but I’ll tell you about one form of the religion. It’s called 21 Divisions. When they brought the slaves over to the Caribbean, they syncretized all their African gods with Catholic saints. So in 21 Divisions there are black gods and goddesses, and my mother practiced that when I was little. Whenever problems happened, we turned to 21 Divisions to fix it. It’s funny, because my friends on the block in Harlem, their mothers would be like, “Oh, you fucking with that witchcraft. You working roots.” You can cleanse people with root work or do bad things to them. But 21 Divisions is celestial.”

Watch the behind-the-scenes video for her photoshoot below.

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