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5 O’Clock Beat Drop: Pusha T, Black Milk, Talib Kweli, & More

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So many rap songs drop every day, it’s hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we do the 5 O’Clock Beat Drop to collect the best (and sometimes worst) songs of the day in one, easy to find post for your convenience.

Black Milk – “I Guess”

Black Milk has always kept his best beats to himself, but this is really something. His production has gained such a cozy complexity throughout his career so far, and “I Guess” sits right in the pocket, horns, vocal samples, and all.

Mayalino – “Kilo Champ” (Feat. Pusha T & Scarface) [Prod. by StackzTooTrill]

The best part of Houston rapper Mayalino’s “Kilo Champ” are the guest features by Pusha T and Face. Scarface can go from common coke bars to family memories within a verse, so his mastery is best over this weird Lex Luger-sampling beat.

Substantial & The Other Guys – The Past

Maryland rapper Substantial is all about the art of MCing, and the production from the “Alternative Hip Hop band” The Other Guys on this short five track EP makes his raps all the more entertaining. Plus, the last song is a demo track of Substantial’s from 1999. Sub’s full length album The Past Is Always Present In The Future is scheduled to drop later this year.

GriZ – “For The Love” (Feat. Talib Kweli)

Talib Kweli teams up with buzzing electro artist GRiZ for this groovy amalgam of rap and funk that works a lot better than you might think at first.

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