11 Times Cookie Lyon Was A Better Fixer Than Olivia Pope

cookie lyon thumb

For the past three years, there has been one woman Black America has depended on to fix their problems and that’s Olivia Pope. She’s saved the day with her media spinning, lip quivers and mile-a-minute monologues. The only thing that has knocked Pope and Associates off their game was their leader’s addiction to oval office trysts and presidential heartbreak. Well, there’s a new sheriff in the fixing game and her name is Cookie Lyon.

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The First Lady of Empire has more tricks up her fur draped sleeve than we can imagine and uses them to make sure the company founded with her drug money stays profitable. While most people’s skill would get rusty after a 17-year prison bid, Cookie came out with her mind and feminine swag on a trillion.

The upcoming two hour season finale of “Empire” airs on Wednesday. Let’s look back at the times Queen Lyon fixed everyone’s problems and made sure the Empire remained solid.

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