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5 O’Clock Beat Drop: Rapsody, SpaceGhostPurrp, Bad Lucc, & Lion Babe

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So many rap songs drop every day, it’s hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we do the 5 O’Clock Beat Drop to collect the best (and sometimes worst) songs of the day in one, easy to find post for your convenience.

Rapsody – “The Man” (Prod. by Eric G)

With the whole world watching her after a stunning guest verse on Kendrick Lamar’s “Complexion,” Rapsody drops a visual for her new video “The Man,” which deals with kids who grew up fatherless. Rapsody even broke down some lines from the song for us in our exclusive interview.

SpaceGhostPurrp – “Bring It Back” (Feat. Key Nyata) [Produced by SpaceGhostPurrp]

Purrp’s moment has almost certainly passed, though we’re still holding out some hope he’ll reunite with A$AP Rocky on the New Yorker’s new album. Still, “Bring It Back” has elements of Purrp’s production that could still resonate in 2015 – mainly that dope little vocal sample. LOL at bullets going “ga-boing ga-boing,” though.

Lion Babe – “Wonder Woman” (Prod. by Pharrell)

Listening to NYC duo Lion Babe’s fresh new single “Wonder Woman,” it makes a lot of sense why Pharrell would want to get behind them. The group, consisting of Jillian Harvey and Lucas Goodman, bring a warm, but poppy sensibility to their music, and “Wonder Woman” finds a nice line to straddle between the two spheres.

Bad Lucc – “Fuck It Off” (Feat. Travis Barker) [Prod. by Problem]

Bad Lucc is very easily one of the best rising MCs in the West right now. Yeah, we said it, and this new cut with Travis Barker on the drums can back us up. Produced by Problem, “Fuck It Off” is a quick little flex session for Lucc. Diamond Lane America is on the way.

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