7 Artists Who Remind Us Of Characters On “Empire”


FOX’s “Empire” has taken over thousands of TV’s in homes across the country every Wednesday night since the show made its debut in January. Avid fans have been along for the long, emotional roller coaster ride that the Lyon family has been on since episode one. As the talented family of artists and music executives did everything in their power to build up Empire Records, they faced an abundance of issues that sparked some drama that will last well into the next season.

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The series featured various celebrities as performers and as members of the cast. The finale alone featured performances from Snoop Dogg, Juicy J, Charles Hamilton, Rita Ora, and Jennifer Hudson, who also played Andre’s new therapist. Every character on Empire’s powerful cast draws some kind of real-life inspiration from artists in hip-hop who have made a name for themselves. They may not all possess their musical talents, but they do present certain personality traits that remind us of several big names in the industry.

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