Nearly 60,000 People Sign Petition Against Kanye West Headlining The Glastonbury Festival


Kanye West is headlining the Glastonbury Festival in London this summer, playing the prestigious festival’s Saturday night slot, and almost 60,000 people feel some kind of way about it.

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Neil Longsdale started the petition as a laugh earlier this week, but it’s picked up steam, rapidly gaining almost 60,000 signatures. “Kanye West is an insult to music fans all over the world,” Longsdale wrote, “”This egotistical, maniacal, disgrace was a clear oversight,” he continued. “There is still time to correct this.” Longsdale’s opinion and influence is apparently wide-spread.

It’s one thing to have your own opinion on ‘Ye and his music/public persona, but it’s another thing entirely to just not know enough about popular culture to say that West “doesn’t represent anything.” “Glastonbury needs upbeat major artists,” he said. “Glastonbury is an institution. It is expected that it has the biggest names. The biggest performers. Kanye does not represent that.”

Kanye’s not a big performer. You heard that right. Guess it’s time to shelve So Help Me God and scrap those Yeezy Boosts, rest of the world. Check out the petition right here.

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