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Suge Knight Passes Out In Courtroom After Judge Sets Bail At $25 Million [Video]


*UPDATE: Video of Suge in the courtroom has surfaced.

Today Suge Knight appeared in Los Angeles court to hear his bail set, but he didn’t get very far after that.

Suge, who is accused of running over two men with his truck in L.A., had his bail set at $25 million dollars, and immediately after the dollar sum was announced, Suge fainted in the courtroom and hit his head on a table.  It is at least the third time Suge has been hospitalized following a court hearing. His attorney said Suge’s eye “fluttered” and that the former head of Death Row was “sweating profusely” before he passed out. Some have attributed Suge’s fainting to a diabetic condition and a lack of food.

Maybe 2Pac’s ghost is visiting people other than Kendrick Lamar these days.

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