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The Game: “The Old Me Was Wack” [VIDEO]


Several months after the 10-year anniversary of his debut album, The Game has reassured his fans that he will be releasing The Documentary 2 this summer. In a recent interview with REVOLT, the California rapper revealed that he will be releasing the album on June 30, the same day as his son Harlem’s 12th birthday. Game also revealed that the album could’ve been released not long after his debut in 2005, which holds his smash singles “How We Do” and “Hate It Or Love It.” However, he feels that releasing the album 10 years later works for him.

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The Game also spoke about being a father to his four children and how serving his children keeps him motivated. “Being a father and making music that’s been–since the beginning of my career that’s been my everyday motivation,” the rapper said. “Waking up knowing that I have a job that I can stay focused [on]. I use my kids for energy.” The Blood Money CEO is hard at work to make sure the sequel to his debut completely outshines the original. Game revealed why he’s the toughest critic to himself and said that the old Game is “wack.”

“When I listen to my first album and everybody thinks it’s so amazing, but I think I’m better than that,” he said. “I listen to it and I hear all the flaws and the young me. And I’m like ‘Man, I would have never did this song like that today.’ I was just listening to it today. Cause I got all these 10th anniversary concerts. And so, I have to learn all these songs. Cause I don’t listen to myself on a daily basis. It is the hardest thing in the world. But the old me was wack. I’m dope now.”

Watch the interview in full below.

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