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J-Swift From The Pharcyde Might Be Deported From Canada To Spain


Canada has been giving hip-hop stars across the board a lot of trouble lately. First came Chris Brown being barred from entering the country on his tour with Tyga (6 God’s curse?) and now J-Swift is trapped in Canada under threats of being deported back to Spain.

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CBC News reports that J-Swift, the producer for the zany hip-hop group The Pharcyde, whose real name is Juan Martinez, has been stuck in Vancouver, Canada for over two months since performing a gig there, and could face deportation back to his birth country of Spain. He faced a similar situation back in 2012 when he was almost deported from the U.S. for a crack cocaine possession charge, but he’s since appealed that charge.

“I’ve already travelled. I’m on appeal. Yes, I have a deportation case going on, but while you’re on an appeal you still have rights as a legal permanent resident,” said Martinez, who has been a permanent resident of the United States since he was two years old, to The Early Edition. “I travelled on appeal last year to Europe, nine countries. I came back in. I did a tour in Canada from Montreal all the way to Calgary and it was no problem.”

Even though he may be stuck in Vancouver, Martinez has received a lot of love from the local hip-hop community. Canadian hip-hop figures like Chin Injeti, Kyprios, and others held a concert at Alexander Gastown earlier today (March 22) to help him raise money for legal fees. Good luck, J-Swift!


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