The Man With The Iron Fists 2: Sting Of The Scorpion Is Coming To DVD/Blu-Ray This April


Say what you will about The RZA, but the man invests his entire being into projects that he thinks are worthwhile. One such product that doesn’t involve pissing off Wu-Tang and their large fan base is a sequel to his 2012 action flick/vanity project The Man With The Iron Fists, which we’re now getting a sequel to.

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Mainstream heavy hitters like Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, and Dave Bautista are gone this time around, with the story focusing on RZA’s character Thaddeus, the titular blacksmith. The film is a straight-to-DVD release that you can find on April 14, 2015. Slightly underwhelming action was one of my major complaints with the first one, so it’d be nice to see RZA focus his writing/directing skills (he really did co-write/direct the first one) in that area this time around. Check out the trailer above.

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