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J. Cole Leads The Slaves To Freedom In “G.O.M.D.” [VIDEO]

Roc Nation lyricist J. Cole continues to push his new album with a powerful new visual. In “G.O.M.D,” Cole takes us back to the days of slavery where he plays the favored servant boy on the white-owned plantation. The enslaved, field workers don’t get along well with Cole and sneer at him whenever possible due to his clean clothes and higher position in the ranks. However, what they don’t know is that Cole has been looking for the right to start a revolution.

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Once the plantation owner drops his keys, Cole pockets them and unlocks the weapons that were hidden in the house. Then, he gives the assortment of shotguns and handguns to the field workers and leads a full-on revolt against the plantation owner and his family. With all the racially-charged events that have transpired in 2015 alone, Cole used his single off 2014 Forest Hills Drive to show us that people of color still have the ability to overcome whatever battles they may face in the past, present, and future. Watch the video in full above.

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